Shampooing carpets

Shampooing carpets

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Inter Cleaning will shampoo your carpets!

Are your carpets stained? Are your carpets full of dust? A simple quick suction, however powerful it may be, is not enough to clean thoroughly. Inter Cleaning takes care of everything!

Over time, carpets and rugs lose their freshness. Dirt and dust accumulate there. But your flooring is also not safe from a spilled cup or other dirty shoes. To maintain proper hygiene of your floors, it is therefore necessary to clean them thoroughly.

Shampooing de tapis - Inter Cleaning

Deep shampoo? Inter Cleaning!

Inter Cleaning takes care of the cleaning of your carpets, from simple stain removal to complete cleaning of your office carpets. Thanks to effective techniques, Inter Cleaning restores your carpets and rugs to their former glory! Carpet shampoo, anti-mite treatment, antistatic treatment, etc. Inter Cleaning is the carpet cleaning company for you!

Our different types of treatment:

Carpet Cleaner cap method
Injection-extraction method
Powder host method

Foam shampoo method
Anti-mite treatment
Antistatic treatment

Shampooing de tapis

Carpets and rugs can sometimes enhance the interiors of rooms and offices. But beware of the stains on these floor coverings!

Coffee, sauces, grease stains or dust mites are all hazards to carpets. Fortunately, we use different methods to remove these stains and other pests such as carpet shampoo.

We offer the possibility of opting for the “OMNIUM CARPET” formula on sites with daily services. Your carpet is cleaned twice a year and in its entirety.