Quality control

Quality control

Inter Cleaning provides numerous quality controls

Regular unannounced checks are carried out to verify the performance of the services, to check their quality and to ensure their follow-up over time.

These controls allow a high reactivity thanks to a quick feedback of information to the different departments concerned (quality department, department manager or management).

Inter Cleaning ensures traceability of all services on 4 floors:

1/ Self-checking: every agent carries out a daily self-checking. All our agents are trained and qualified in the quality processes of the services. Each agent receives his personal planning. The building or parts of the building are divided into as many zones as there are agents.

2/ foremen: ensures that daily or weekly inspections of the cleaning activities are carried out smoothly and that the guidelines are applied. The team leader is in daily contact with the customer. Responsible for the supply and management of the logbook, he/she sends the information back to his/her production manager in case of problems at the customer.

3/ Quality manager: a quality control is also carried out by the quality manager, who checks whether all the points mentioned in the specifications have been dealt with. He informs the customer of any malfunctions reported by the team leader. He is responsible for the organisation, of replacements (illness, leave, etc.), and the programming of occasional operations, he is also a privileged interlocutor.

4/ Contradictive control: This is an opposite control with the customer’s manager that allows to verify whether the objectives expected by the customer are met, taking into account the quality criteria of the maintenance contract. After each inspection, a report shall be drawn up specifying the problems identified and the corrective measures to be taken.

Why these quality controls?

To obtain a conclusion of our work;
For detecting deviations;
Identifying corrective actions to be taken;
To reduce the number of faults;
To continuously improve our services;
Measure the satisfaction level.
Our ISO 9001 approach obliges us to closely monitor our services, both in terms of design and execution in the field.