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Offices, schools, hotels, department stores, care sector, industrial premises, SMEs,… For any request for a quote, contact us by phone T 02/4664367 or fill in the form below to be contacted.

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Inter Cleaning is committed to:

To offer you an impeccable quality of service;

Provide you with detailed information about the services offered;

Inform yourself about the different service prices;

To offer you clear and free quotations on request;

Formulate service agreements in a contract between the customer and the service provider;

To help you provide punctual or incidental services;

To offer you a uniform multi-site management;

Ensure continuity of service in accordance with the programmed laid down in the contract;

Take all comments into account and process them as quickly as possible;

Regularly check the quality of the various services;

Be attentive to the customers and have a courteous and attentive staff;

Establish a relationship of trust and proximity with the customer through a single point of contact;

Ensuring respect for the environment, for example by working with Ecolabel certified products;

Be insured against any damage within the customer’s entity;