Marble crystallization

Marble crystallization

Inter Cleaning, specialist in marble crystallization!

Marble is a noble, natural and durable material. However, over time, the once brilliant product may become dull. Scratches may also appear. To help it regain its former appearance, it is therefore necessary to carry out an interview.

But be careful: some products, poorly chosen, can sometimes do worse than better… At Inter Cleaning, we use a proven process. Crystallization helps to restore the marble to its former brilliance.

Cristallisation du marbre - Inter Cleaning

Maintenance crystallization maintains the brilliance of the marble

For this work of crystallization or glacification of the marble, we carry out a sanding (or pickling) in order to clean the stone in depth. Once this work is done, we vacuum the paint stripper. The marble is rinsed several times in order to neutralize the residues of the stripping product.

We polish the maintenance or renovation according to the chosen method, until the desired level of gloss is achieved. The cleaning of marble is a very sensitive operation requiring professional know-how.

Marble crystallization: for a brighter, more beautiful and clearer marble

As we have said, the crystallization of the marble allows to keep the brilliance of this noble stone. But that’s not all! Thanks to the crystallization phenomenon of marble, say goodbye to scratches and other stains. In other words, crystallization allows the marble to regain a second youth! The crystallization of marble being a relatively complex practice, it is strongly recommended to use the services of professionals in the field. At Inter Cleaning, we will rejuvenate your marbles of all kinds (white, grey, black, etc.). Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Polishing & crystallization of marble

Strip the marble or stone floor
Remove dirt and grooves
Neutralize the soil with clear water
Proceed to polishing according to the chosen method
Acid powder method
Diamond disc method
Bronze and silver disc method